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From: SMITH@EPVAX.MSFC.NASA.GOV (The Ice-9-man Cometh)
Subject: Reynolds Tapper - info?
Date: 1992-10-19 13:32:37 GMT

hey folks.

This past weekend I acquired a 2 1/2 gallon mini-keg called a "Reynolds
Tapper." It has a built-in tap (labeled "Falstaff" which I assume is some
cheap Yankee beer :) and is barrel-shaped, meant to lie on its side, cask-
style. It is filled from one end, and the sealing cap has some funky
valves and a gas cylinder in it. It looks like the idea is, you fill this
with beer, stopper it, and charge the cylinder with enough CO2 to dispense
the brew. Neato.

So, the question: does anyone know where to get specs, info, replacement
parts etc. for this thing? Are they still in use north of Mason-Dixon
somewhere? Can anyone tell me what sort of tools/fittings are necessary
to open and close the stopper, and fill the cylinder? The valves are truly
weird looking and the HUGE snapring holding on the stopper is a real pain.

This little keg would be great to keep in the fridge with half-a-batch of
HB, or to take to parties sans CO2 setup, if I could just get it refurbished.

| James W. Smith, NASA MSFC EP-53 | |
| "Come with us, we'll sail the Seas of Cheese!" -- Les.Claypool@Primus |
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