From the HBD Archive
From: falk@Sun.COM (Ed Falk)
Subject: BTUs
Date: 1989-11-14 18:56:45 GMT

> 14,880 BTUs
> The one thing missing from the calculation that I'm very interested in
> is a reference to time. For all I know I could be heating the kettle
> several hours to achieve a rolling boil. If I were to get a burner
> that's too hot, I wouldn't want to start a melt down either. Can
> anyone help?

1 BTU = 1055 joules
14,880 BTU = 15.7e6 joules

1 joule = 1 watt*sec.

So for example, a 1000 watt heater would take 15,700 seconds = 4.3 hours.

Note that that's just to bring the water up to boiling point. It takes
another 971 BTU/lb = 240,800 BTU/31gal = 70.5 hours to actually boil it all

Also, you have to cool it afterwards. I suppose commercial breweries use heat

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