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From: Jeremy Cook <>
Subject: Root ginger
Date: 1989-01-10 08:03:42 GMT

Mike Meyer writes:
> >My batch of 'Slow Lori's Ginger Lager', ...
> >... this batch has a really
> >nasty bacterial infection, though, and I suspect that I should have peeled
> >the ginger, which doesn't seem to dominate the flavor much so far.

I don't know the details of how the ginger was added but here's
my experience from a really delicious ginger wine that I made at
the end of '87. I took the root ginger and scrubbed it well under
the tap with a vegetable brush. Then I bruised the ginger well by
thumping it with a rolling pin and boiled it up (with lemon and
rasins for the g wine) and simmered for an hour. The boiling ex-
tracts all the flavor from the ginger whilst making sure there
aren't any nasties left. There is one side effect from this
method and that is that the wine was a bit on the cloudy side
when it was finished and I couldn't get rid of the haze by
filtering or any other means. I either clogged my filter with too
much powder or didn't use enough, letting the haze through. In
the end I gave up. It is now crystal clear after standing for
over a year in the cellar (I only managed to keep one bottle for
that long!).

Hope this helps.

-- Jeremy Cook

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