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From: Chris Shenton <>
Subject: Problem with digest format -- cannot burst reliably.
Date: 1989-11-14 19:11:57 GMT

I am using vm to read the homebrew digests and am having problems bursting
them. It thinks things like peoples signatures and other separators beginning
with a dash at the left margin are message separators. Example:

<text of message>
<your signature here>

gets burst into two messages; the <your signature here> has no headers, so
appears to have no text. I asked vm's author for help, and here is his reply:

Kyle Jones writes:
> Chris Shenton writes about digests:
> > Is there a standard message digest delimiter, a proper number of
> > dashes, etc? Or is vm looking for any number of dashes at the
> > beginning of a line, terminated by a newline?

> RFC 934, "Proposed Standard for Message Encapsulation", specifies that
> any line whose first character is `-' and whose second character is not
> ` ' (space), is to be considered a message separator.

> When a RFC 934 conformant digest is created, message lines beginning
> with `-' are supposed to be prepended with "- ". The digest bursting
> agent will strip these characters before presenting the message to the
> user.

So it appears that any line beginning with a dash -- not followed by a space --
will act as a message separator; this happens *a lot* in signatures, but also
when people use a line of dashes to set off their recipes, etc.

Would you be able to add this prepended ``- '' to the offending lines? I don't
know how many other mail-reader bursting algorithms fail to work without it,
but I don't see how they really could at all in the present state. Does anyone
else have this problem? I'm losing a lot of good info! Thanks in advance.
It's a good thing these lines don't start with ``-''
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