From the HBD Archive
From: Henry (H.W.) Troup <HWT@BNR.CA>
Subject: Large batches and cooling
Date: 1989-11-15 14:03:00 GMT

Pardon me, I'm new to the list.

I see a discussion of large (31 gallon ==> 110 litre) batches, and
as someone most cogently remark 'you have to cool it afterwards'.
The biggest batch I ever attempted was 10 imperial gallons, 45 litres.
I lost that batch because:

1) I couldn't cool it quickly

2) I couldn't move the batch! 45 litres x 1.060 = 47.7kg + container
- for non-metric people, 105 lbs.

Cahrlie Papzian's book 'Complete Joy of Home Brewing' shows a flow-through
wort cooler. I'd like to have own of those, before trying another big batch.
This still wouldn't help me to get it from the warm kitchen to the cool
basement, though.


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