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From: (Mark Stevens) <>
Subject: distinguishing hops varieties
Date: 1989-11-15 17:08:27 GMT

Does anybody reading this newsletter raise their own hops? I'm trying to find
out if there is a way to tell varieties of hops apart by looking at them. A
friend has hops growing in his yard, but they were planted by the former
owner--a homebrewer--and my friend has no idea what kind of hops they are.

"Brewing & Malting Science" has a chapter on botany of hops, but they don't go
into how to tell apart hops varieties...other than to say what the relative
alpha-acid content of each is. Only thing they really say is that there are
two types of common hops; humulus lupulus (used in brewing) and humulus
japonicus (ornamental without resins/acids). I assume that my friend's hops
are humulus lupulus because they were planted by a homebrewer. But how can
tell if they are high alph content hops (like Northern Brewer) as opposed to
aromatic hops (like Fuggles)??

Anybody know of a good reference on this subject????

Does anybody know how to submit an entry for Latrobe's contest to solve the
mystery of "33"???? Supposedly details are available from retailers, but none
of the retailers near my house seem to know about it.

*** Mark Stevens

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