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From: dsbaer@EBay.Sun.COM (David Baer)
Subject: BTU's and boiling
Date: 1989-11-15 19:38:26 GMT

I have a "COUNTRY COOKER" that is a portable burner that runs on propane. I
believe it is rated at 32-35,000 BTU. With the the valve on full, it will
boil a 33qrt pot of water in about 30 minutes.

I suggest looking for Bill Owens book: "How to Build a Small Brewery at Home".
He converts a 1/2 keg (15.5 gallons) into a boiler and uses a water heater
core for the burner. His infusion technique and the counter-flow wort chiller
are interesting but personally I think they are a little out-dated.

good luck with the 1 barrel set-up, remember 100 gallons per adult/200 gallons
per household is the current homebrew limit in CA.

Dave Baer

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