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From: Dr. T. Andrews <ki4pv!tanner@uunet.UU.NET>
Subject: Re: Yeast vs. Wort Temperature
Date: 1989-11-16 00:04:44 GMT

) [ dilemma: pitch now at 80\(de or go to work & wait ]

Pitch it now. Around here, anything below 100\(de seems to work fine for ale.
It doesn't hurt the yeast to be pitched at 90\(de, and later processing chews
up any unpleasant products which might be generated in the first few minutes.

Hey, if I had to wait for the wort to cool down to 80\(de, I'd never get any
beer made!
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or... {allegra attctc gatech!uflorida uunet!cdin-1}!ki4pv!tanner

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