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From: etnibsd!vsh@uunet.UU.NET (Steve Harris)
Subject: Kegging
Date: 1989-11-14 15:56:11 GMT

I'm an absolute beginning homebrewer, but I have friends who are quite
experienced. As I recall, somebody said that there are two styles of
Cornelius keg taps (is that the right term? -- the gizmos to which you attach
the gas-input and beer-output hoses).

You will want to settle on one style and accumulate equipment compatible with
that style, so before you invest, find out which style is going to be
easiest/cheapest to obtain in your area.

Somebody please correct or expand on these remarks as I don't want to mislead
any other novices.

Steve Harris -- Eaton Corp. -- Beverly, MA -- uunet!etnibsd!vsh

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