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From: kipps@etoile.ICS.UCI.EDU
Subject: Re: first-timer wants help w/light ginger-ale
Date: 1989-11-16 17:32:09 GMT

> beer to celebrate with. Ever since having a home-brewed gingerale once, I'm
> eager to create a particular kind of drink. It's like a very gingery
> gingerale, with cinnamon & a little clove flavor, very low alcohol but enough
> so that 3 or 4 bottles would map onto 2 or 3 bottles of good beer. I'll be
> 1) first and foremost, does anyone already have a recipe for the sort of brew
> I described above, or the name of a brewing/recipe tome that does?

I've never heard of such a recipe, but I have an idea. There's a soda extract
(available from most homebrew suppliers) called Ginger Beer. This extract is
dark, like root beer, but has a nice ginger/clove snap to it. If made
according to the instructions (with sugar and champange yeast), it has an
alcohol content of less than 1/2 percent; a lot lower than what you want.
What would happen if you added this extract to a low-hopped malt base? For a
5 gallon batch, I'd try something like 5 lbs. of an American light (dry) and 1
1/2 oz. Cascade hops (1 oz. for boil; 1/2 oz. for aroma). If you added the
extract (and maybe some cloves and cinnamon) at the end of the boil, I'd think
this might give you a brew with all the flavor of ginger beer and an alcohol
content of 3 to 4 percent. Actually, I think I might try this myself. You
might also want to prime with 1/2 cup of molasses and 1/2 cup corn sugar, I've
found this gives beer a more soda-like carbonation.

-Jim Kipps

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