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From: Andy Newman <NEWMAN@Venus.YCC.Yale.Edu>
Subject: Storing homebrew
Date: 1989-01-10 15:48:00 GMT

Up to this point I have yet to find a really good way of storing the
brew that I make.

12 oz bottles clear quickly and fit in the refrigerator conveniently but
are a general pain in the neck to clean and sterilize in bulk.

Pressure kegs are much easier to clean but even the smallest seem to take
up too much fridge-room. More seriously, they seem to always have either
too much or too little pressure. I seem to get 5 or 6 pints of foam
followed by about 2 pints of acceptable ale. After that, the keg
threatens to gulp air and I have to inject more CO2 which essentially
puts me back at square one.

Recently I have been reading about using champagne bottles. This would
seem to be a good compromise except pouring anything less than the whole
bottle would stir up the yeast at the bottom. Since I don't have a lot
of 25.4 oz beer glasses :^) I would presumably have to either limit my
intake to one pint at a time :( or I would have to open several bottles
in parallel.

Currently I bottle most of my beer in 12 oz bottles because it has the
fewest drawbacks. I am curious as to whether anyone has found a
substantially better solution.

-Andy Newman

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