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From: ferguson%X102C@HARRIS-ATD.COM (ferguson ct 71078)
Subject: Large Batches
Date: 1989-11-16 16:51:21 GMT

>I see a discussion of large (31 gallon ==> 110 litre) batches, and
>as someone most cogently remark 'you have to cool it afterwards'.
>The biggest batch I ever attempted was 10 imperial gallons, 45 litres.
>I lost that batch because:
>1) I couldn't cool it quickly
>2) I couldn't move the batch! 45 litres x 1.060 = 47.7kg + container
> - for non-metric people, 105 lbs.

I brew 10 gallon batches all the time using extracts. You don't boil
all the wort, just the extract and enough water to keep it soupy.
That keeps the brewpot from getting too heavy. Then dilute the wort
to initial sg in the fermenter. I use two 5 gal. carboys so they
won't get too heavy either. Nevertheless, a 5 gal. carboy is still
heavy and a 2-1/2 gal. brewpot is troublesome when hot.

Perhaps an all-grain brewer could do the same for large batches ---
boil and chill a concentrated wort then dilute to desired sg in the

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