From the HBD Archive
From: Mike Fertsch <>
Subject: Cornelius Kegs and Fittings
Date: 1989-11-17 13:41:00 GMT

Steve Harris asks -

> As I recall, somebody said that there are two styles of Cornelius keg taps
> (is that the right term? -- the gizmos to which you attach the gas-input
> and beer-output hoses). Somebody please correct or expand on these
> remarks as I don't want to mislead any other novices.

"Somebody" is right. Cornelius makes "pin-type" fittings and "ball-type"
fittings. Pin type fittings have three little radial pins on the liquid
connection, and two pins on the gas fitting. I don't really know how to tell
the gender on ball-type kegs - I don't have any.

Locally, Pepsi uses pin type, and Coke uses ball type (Or is it the other way
around?) Make sure you get the right kind of keg to match your hardware. Keg
gender-change kits can be purchased for around $10-$15, but I perfer to get
the right keg in the first place - my shop carries both kinds.

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