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From: Chris Shenton <>
Subject: Re: first-timer wants help w/light ginger-ale
Date: 1989-11-17 16:26:53 GMT

kipps@etoile.ICS.UCI.EDU writes:
> I've never heard of such a recipe, but I have an idea. There's a soda
> extract (available from most homebrew suppliers) called Ginger Beer.

I've made this and it's pretty good! Next time, I'd try using honey instead of
sugar, and adding some grated fresh ginger for a real kick.

> If made according to the instructions (with sugar and champange yeast), it
> has an alcohol content of less than 1/2 percent; a lot lower than what you
> want.

The reason it has no alcohol is that you don't ferment! Just boil, cool, and
bottle; you have to let it carbonate for a week or two. I imagine if you *did*
let it ferment, you'd have a pretty potent brew, with all the sugar the extract
calls for; it would probably be pretty dry (yeast would eat the sugar), and
have the same sour offtaste that extract recipes give you when you use sugar
instead of extra extract.

> What would happen if you added this extract to a low-hopped malt
> base? For a 5 gallon batch, I'd try something like 5 lbs. of an American
> light (dry) and 1 1/2 oz. Cascade hops (1 oz. for boil; 1/2 oz. for
> aroma). If you added the extract (and maybe some cloves and cinnamon) at
> the end of the boil, I'd think this might give you a brew with all the
> flavor of ginger beer and an alcohol content of 3 to 4 percent. Actually,
> I think I might try this myself.

Yow! That does sound good. Let me know how it turns out!

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