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From: rdg@hpfcmi
Subject: Sanitizing & Bottles
Date: 1989-11-17 17:54:04 GMT

> The other point I want to make is that, according to Papazian' book, (I
> don't have the book here, but I think I remember correctly) the homebrewing
> equipment does not need to be STERILIZED, only SANITIZED, to give your yeast
> an edge over the competition. I think that he also says that a lot of the
> commercial breweries don't sterilize either, they just sanitize, but I'm not
> sure about this. Well, this is all. What do more experienced brewers think?

The reason for being satisfied with just sanitizing is that sterilization is
close to impossible. You need to boil an object under pressure for quite a
while to realy "sterilize" it, and that is just not possible to do your entire
brewing environment.

> Where can I get empty bottles? My friends are just about tapped out
> and when I go to bars and ask them, they just look at me funny.

You should be able to go to any liquor store that sells beer in deposit
bottles, and ask to buy some empties, which should be about $1.25/case. If you
local store doesn't have any, try a sleazier part of town. Or, check garbage
bins at hotels for Champagne bottles.

If you really, really, truly cannot find any bottles, there are places that
sell brand new, perfect, clean beer bottles. But, the cost is outrageous-
$8/case, plus shipping, which may be more than that, depending on where you
live. I'd buy some sort of kegging system before doing something desperate
like this.


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