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From: Martin A. Lodahl <pbmoss!mal@hplabs.HP.COM>
Subject: M - F Homebrew Tape
Date: 1989-11-18 00:08:15 GMT

My long-suffering spouse brought me a tape from the library a couple of days
ago: a Munton & Fison "how-to" on homebrewing! Has anyone seen this? It's a
real HOOT! I shudder to think what brew made using no other source of info
would taste like. I suspect M & F's canned kits are probably higher-profit
items than bulk malt, as they presented the choice between whole-grain and
extract brewing in a light that clearly favored extract. Plain white
granualated sugar was liberally dumped in each of the batches they
demonstrated, and when the specific gravity was measured, the sample was
dumped back into the brew, inviting infection (I always drink mine, and learn
more about how the process is progressing). Their approach to recipes,
styles, and the different gravities for those styles was astonishing in its
simplicity, and overlooked a great deal. I could go on ...

There was also an interesting sequence where they followed a large-scale
commercial brewery through the process, ending with a scene showing an
aluminum keg rolling across a concrete floor, as the announcer intoned that
the final product was another keg "of REAL beer". CAMRA has clearly touched a
sore spot.

I doubt that it was as much as an hour long, and it's guaranteed to make every
reader of this group feel they could brew better beer than the filmmakers
could, with less investment in equipment, even on their worst days (though
come to think of it, as the equipment all had its labels prominently
displayed, it could be that its selection was not primarily dictated by
function). Good viewing for homebrew club meetings.

- Martin

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