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From: cp@esl.ESL.COM (Tim Phillips)
Subject: Cranberry Beer
Date: 1989-11-20 16:06:37 GMT

In an effort to brew something creative for the holiday season, I took
one of Papazian's recipes that called for 10 lbs of sour cherries and
substituted 6 lbs of cranberries. The yeast looked happy when I re-
hydrated it, and since I had pre-chilled my bottled water I was able
to get the wort, cranberries, and additional water to 68 degrees for
pitching almost immediately (which I did). The problem is, the yeasties
are not doing their thing. No activity.

Does anyone have any experience with cranberries? I suspect either a
problem with pH (are cranberries too acidic--more so than sour cherries?),
or a problem with the cranberries containing some kind of natural yeast
inhibitor. Any suggestions? Everything still smells fine (!), but I
need to get something going before the stray bacteria realize they have
five gallons of wort all to themselves! Thanks!

-Tim Phillips

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