From the HBD Archive
From: hplabs!gatech!raven!rcd (Dick Dunn)
Subject: contamination is relative
Date: 1989-11-20 16:15:50 GMT

Talking about being surprised by the clip of someone pitching yeast with
his bare hands...

Keep in mind that we aren't starting with sterile conditions anyway, and
that the main idea is to give the yeast the upper hand in the wort. The
bacteria on your hands is likely to be a small amount relative to a double-
handful of yeast. That's a LOT of yeast; you can't really duplicate that
relative amount of contact with the normal homebrewer-sized 12 g or 2x7 g

Also, the environment of a brewery is a lot different from the environment
of your kitchen...the main microorganisms in the air will be different.

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