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From: kron@Sun.COM (Kenneth Kron)
Subject: Priming timing problems ?
Date: 1989-11-20 17:50:35 GMT

Background: When I prime I usually put 3/4 cups of sugar/5 gallons into
some warm water and pour this directly into my fermenter. I then slosh
it around some and let it sit for 20 min. then go ahead and bottle. And
I have gotten very good results so far.

Problem: What I did this time (it was a rough day) was add *dry* sugar
to the carboy and when I got done bottling, I noticed the quantity of
sugar in the bottom of the carboy which led me to remember the step I
left out. So I decided to leave the beer in the bottles and see what
happened. Well what happened is, it's been a little over a week and I
opened a bottle and while it had some carbonation it was pretty flat.
So I don't know if should I uncap all the bottles run around and add
sugar to them all or "relax and ..." (which I'm almost out of!!!) or
what. I am going to save this beer (even though it was flat I could
tell it had promise!) but I'm wondering what ideas the list has on this???

BTW I have a keg which will be free on Dec. 9.

Kenneth Kron

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