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From: hisata!
Subject: Re: Sanitation and water (follow-up)
Date: 1989-11-20 21:37:08 GMT

I've received some excellent suggestions, both in this newsletter and via
e-mail, regarding my sour, gushing beer. I had posted some rather ridiculous
advice my friend Robert gave me regarding sanitation. Please remember three
things: 1) Robert works in a microbiology lab where such procedures are
routine; 2) I was desperate because I was tired of this repeated problem; 3)
Robert is, um, more particular than most of us would be about most things.

Rergarding alternatives to dry package yeast: A pure culture is ideal. Liquid
cultures sound like a good bet, but where do you get them? The "yeast" issue
of "Zymurgy" indicates that, at 68 degrees, 90% of the yeast is dead in two
week if sold in a foil pack, and 90% is dead in three months if stored in a
plastic tube. Recommendations for reliable--and quick!-- sources? (I'd still
like to try culturing my own yeast. I'd also like to grow my own barley and
hops. :-) I'd also like to be independently wealthy so I wouldn't have to
work for a living! :-)))

The suggestion of an errant mold slipping into the equipment is an excellent
one that I hadn't thought of. Indeed, here in the South, it was an awfully
humid summer. We had mold growing on our books, boots, and even the painted
front door. My sinuses ran heavily, even on a rainy day when all the pollen
is scrubbed from the air, because mold spores were flying. So this is a very
real possibility, and may explain why this has been a repeated problem for me.
(And yes, I replaced my siphon hoses. I'll try ANYTHING to fix this

Thanks again to everyone for suggestions. And please pass on ideas for a
better yeast culture!

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