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Subject: yeast,cranberries
Date: 1989-11-21 16:50:05 GMT

"Doug" sez:

Rergarding alternatives to dry package yeast: A pure culture is ideal. Liquid
cultures sound like a good bet, but where do you get them? The "yeast" issue
of "Zymurgy" indicates that, at 68 degrees, 90% of the yeast is dead in two
week if sold in a foil pack, and 90% is dead in three months if stored in a
plastic tube. Recommendations for reliable--and quick!-- sources? (I'd still
like to try culturing my own yeast. I'd also like to grow my own barley and
hops. :-) I'd also like to be independently"

The yeast stuff sounds like BS to me. I get Wyeast shipped from Steinbart's
of Portland (takes 2-3 days to get to me by UPS). I haven't found any
problems with it. They seal it in ice in a couple of bags. The ice is
probably unnecessary. As for growing your own hops, well, I do it.

Then ed falk comments about mead making:

"Within hours, some horrible-looking matter had precipitated out of the wort;
I assume that something reacted with the orange juice but I'm not sure. After
about 24 hours, the precipitate had settled to the bottom of the jug and
what's on top looks like I'd expected.

Does this sound normal, or have I made some horrible mistake?"

Did you skim the skum while boiling the honey, ed?

Then kenneth kron is worried about his priming:

:"Problem: What I did this time (it was a rough day) was add *dry* sugar
to the carboy and when I got done bottling, I noticed the quantity of
sugar in the bottom of the carboy which led me to remember the step I
left out. So I decided to leave the beer in the bottles and see what"

One thing you could try would be to pour all the bottles into a fermenter, add
a cup of corn sugar, stir it up, and wait for it to ferment out. Then, bottle
the beer as you normally would. The risks include contamination and
oxidization. You could also wait for a month and just drink the beer a little

Finally, Tim Phillips describes a nasty problem with cranberries, in that the
fermentation hasn't started. I'd suggest pitching with some real zippy dry
yeast such as Edme, Munton & Fison or even Red Star, if you are desperate. Be
sure to hydrate the yeast first.

[Florian Bell]

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