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From: parcplace!pencin@Sun.COM (Russ Pencin)
Subject: Re: Yeast Starters and me...
Date: 1989-11-21 18:41:36 GMT

Well, I can't stand it, I've finally got to post something! (please be kind)
>From: polstra!norm@hplabs.HP.COM (Norm Hardy)
>Lately, though, I have just been using liquid yeast, from WYeast. I am forced
>to make a starter just to build up the amount of yeast. I would like to hear
>how other people are doing it.
>Thanks again to everyone for suggestions. And please pass on ideas for
>a better yeast culture!
>UUCP: ...!gatech!hisata!doug

I started using WYeast about six months ago, and have tried several different
approaches to getting a good fermentation going. When I started, I just
followed the instructions on the package. This worked okay, but usually took
24 to 40 hours to get a great fermentation going. I now squash the pouch 3
days before I plan to brew, after two days of sitting near the back of the
refrigerator ( it's about 86 degrees almost constantly!) the pouch is about
ready to burst. At this point I mix 2 cups of dry malt and one cup of corn
sugar with 4 cups of water and boil for about 20 minutes in a quart
"Cranapple" jar in my microwave. I then cool the mixture down to about 86
degrees and pour the contents of the pouch into the mixture and place a
fermentation lock on top. In less than 12 hours the quart bottle of starter
is frothing and carrying on nicely. At this point, I start my normal brewing
process. Of the last six batches that I have followed this proceedure, not
one has failed to start a great fermentation in longer that 4 hours!!!
Well that's my two sence werth!

Now a question that has me perplexed... Several of the posters to this forum
talk about culturing yeast from commercial beers for what ever reason, and
others have complained about the cost of WYeast. It seems to me that the
average homebrewer has the greatest yeast farm in the world sitting in his
own bottled brew! I plan to try my theory out on the next two batches, so
I'll have more info at that point. I have a great steam beer with Lager yeast
and a wonderful English Bitter with British Ale yeast, both are in the 4 to 5
month bottle age, and still taste crisp and clean. Has anyone else tried this?
Basically I plan to follow my starter proceedure, except use the yeasties from
a carefully poured bottle of my own beer...

Any comments welcome...

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