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From: hisata!
Subject: Re: Pitching problems
Date: 1989-11-22 02:59:44 GMT

Kenneth Kron writes:

> Well what happened is, it's been a little over a week and I
> opened a bottle and while it had some carbonation it was pretty flat.
> So I don't know if should I uncap all the bottles run around and add
> sugar to them all or "relax and ..." (which I'm almost out of!!!) or
> what. I am going to save this beer (even though it was flat I could
> tell it had promise!) but I'm wondering what ideas the list has on this???

Depending on the temperature at which the beer has been stored, I would wait
another week at least before doing anything. I've had beer take a couple of
weeks to become fully carbonated.

If indeed you had a bunch of undissolved sugar sitting on the bottom of the
carboy, then the last beer you siphoned may end up being VERY carbonated!
Actually, as fine as corn sugar is, you might be surprised how much dissolved
on its way down.

If, after you've let the beer sit a couple of weeks, it still isn't
carbonated, you can try carefully adding about a 1/2 teaspoon of corn sugar to
each bottle and then recapping. I've primed this way, using up to a teaspoon
of sugar, but I don't recommend it for regular practice.

Good luck!


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