From the HBD Archive
From: Mike Fertsch <>
Subject: RE: Glass vs Plastic Carboys
Date: 1989-11-22 14:44:00 GMT

Ed Falk comments on glass vs. plastic carboys:

> Glass carboys are expensive; is there any reason I can't use a plastic
> carboy (i.e. water bottle) instead? The people who sold me my glass
> carboy said you can't sterilize plastic, but they're in the business of
> selling glass so they're not unbiased.

I don't think sterilizing plastic is a big problem; I'm sure the water
companies find a way to sterilize/sanitize the plastic carboys before filling
them with their water. I would just fill the carboy with bleach water and
wait overnight.

Another issue is the plastic itself. There was some discussion on this a year
or so ago, but plastic carboys MAY leach solvents when filled with acidic or
alcoholic fluids. The plasic carboys here at work clearly say "Not to be
filled with any other liquids. For water use only." They claim to be "NSF
Approved", whatever that means.

Beer is quite different from bottled water - the acidity of beer may cause
solvents to be released into the beer. I'm not sure if the plasticizers are a
real problem or not. I buy the glass carboys and don't worry. Glass is

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