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Subject: Sake recipe (Homebrew Digest for January 10, 1989)
Date: 1989-01-11 19:04:43 GMT

The Sake recipe is not very "authentic" though it may produce a nice
brew. True Sake is mde from Rice only. The rice is first cooked, and
then inoculated with a fungus called 'koji' that effects the
transformation of starch to sugar. This is analogous to the malting
of barley. Then the rice is mashed to extract the fermentables and
fermented normally. I would not recommend attempting this at home due
to the difficulty of keeping large quantities of rice for a few days
and avoiding unwanted infections.

Incidentally, the spent rice is often used to make various kinds of
pickles; it may be purchased for that purpose in Japanese groceries
around here.

In Berkeley there is a Sake brewery that runs very interesting tours.


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