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From: falk@Sun.COM (Ed Falk)
Subject: Re: Spiced brews
Date: 1989-11-22 19:06:49 GMT

> 1. Spiced brews...
> Starting gravity was 1.050, and after a two-day languorous primary ferment
> and a downright somnolent week in the secondary, things seemed pretty much
> done, but the SG sat there at 1.025, higher than I have expected, but within
> the realm of reason, I guess, given that there were two cans of extract and
> and ounce and a half of glycerine. Besides being quite strong in flavor,
> this stuff tasted really nummy at bottling time. Seems to be carbonating
> nicely, so I can hardly wait for the holidays!

That's *exactly* what happened with us. Starting SG was 1.040 and finishing
was 1.020. I think either (a) the spices make a hostile environment for the
yeast, or (b) the spices disolved in the wort raised the SG. I hope it's (b),
but I think it's (a) given all the malt extract that went in. I'm glad yours
tasted good, ours hasn't been bottled yet.

p.s. whatever the precipitate from the mead was, it settled out and
fermentation is going fine. I'll rack in a few days.

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