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From: Dr. T. Andrews <ki4pv!tanner@uunet.UU.NET>
Subject: Re: Yeast Starters and me...
Date: 1989-11-22 12:04:27 GMT

) greatest yeast farm in the world, sitting in his own bottled brew!

Well, yes, it's true. Easier: if you do a 2-stage ferment, there will be
sludge on the bottom of the carboy. That sludge is nearly pure yeast.
After you rack the beer off to be bottled, save that sludge.

I am fond of the dog-bolter yeast, and re-use it this way. Works fine, and
a spoon-full of it in some sterile wort gives me a great starter. In about
the time it takes to brew a new batch, the stuff is going vigourously.
Pitch it when the new batch is ready; my lag time is measured in minutes.

The sludge at the bottom of primary ferment contains lots of yeast, but
also everything else that might have settled out of beer. You may not want
to put that back into your new beer.
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