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From: (Alan Duester)
Subject: labels for bottles
Date: 1989-11-25 17:22:30 GMT

On the subject of labels:

I've been doing a good bit of research on the subject. I had originally
thought of doing a Zymurgy article on labels. John Polstra suggested Avery
removable labels (type S-3232, 2" X 2"). I can't find this number in my
listings, so a potential warning might be in order: If these labels are not
specifically designed for high temperature use in either xerographic copiers
or laser printers, DON'T use them in a laser printer - you could ruin it!

The Avery number I have here for 2.75" square laser labels for 3-1/2" disks is
5196. However, there is a better product, though more expensive.

Williams & Macias produces Laser Labels for disks that are removeable, and
have a glossier, burnished surface. They are more resistant to liquids,
removable even after you get them wet (if you let them dry), and the plastic
"ink" of xerography is not affected by bleach, even though the label will get
yellowed, allowing multiple uses. They also have less of a dimensional change
due to wetting, reducing the wrinkling most labels experience. The labels come
6 per 8.5" x 11" page, so you can design out to the borders of the labels.
Laser printers that are dirty or full of paper dust will have real problems
aligning the label sheets, though.

Williams & Macias, PO Box 19206, Spokane, WA 99219, (800) 752-4400. I order
them from MacConnection for overnight delivery. (800) 622-5472. They cost
$20-22 for a pack of 216 labels (36 pages), as I recall.

I tend to make mini Christmas cards on them, and give my Restorative Stout out
with customized labels as a gift (to those select friends who appreciate
homebrewed stout).

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Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution # INTERNET:
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