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From: rogerl@Think.COM
Subject: Of Rootbeer and other non-alcoholic things
Date: 1989-01-11 22:17:50 GMT

R.allen Jervis writes:
> >Not that I make it or anything, but what of rootbeer?
> >...
> >I hesitate to mention these things since I have found that of the
> >dozen or so homebrewer's I've met, the majority tend to look down
> >on anything "non-alcoholic."

Well no need to be paranoid, stand up and be counted. There is at
least two of us interested. And expect there are more. I've been
looking for a 'real' rootbeer recipe, but to no avail. I've found
kits to make all kinds of soft drinks, but no 'old fashion' recipes.
Obviously, I'm looking in the wrong places. Might some be found on the
net somewhere. Any other suggestions of places to look for these.

I too, am interested in low and non-alcoholic drinks. A good IPA or
strong mead is fine, but there are times when one doesn't want to
consume alcohol, but DOES want to enjoy the flavor of a malt (and/or
honey) and hopped beverage. Designated drivers shouldn't have to be
left out of enjoying a good homebrew, ya' know. Ergo my interest.
I've been experimenting with adjusting a couple of my existing recipes
to reduce the alcohol content without loosing flavor. If you're
interested, I can report back when I have enough data. Otherwise,
anyone got any suggestions.

Roger Locniskar

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