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From: parcplace!pencin@Sun.COM (Russ Pencin)
Subject: Re: HBD #309 RE: culture shock
Date: 1989-11-27 19:03:05 GMT

> I have even heard that to avoid "culture shock" the starter should
> be a low OG (25% less than the wort). Any comments?


Funny thing I never even thought to check the SG! The mixture doesn't seem
particularly thick, and the activity from the packaged yeast is visible in
about 2 hours when added. The particular combination was arrived at
empirically from about 12 batches done this way, the last 5 have used these
exact porportions. The corn sugar seems to give yeast a nice starting kick,
and the heavy malt seems to produce extremely active fermentation in the
starter bottle. This all results in a starter that "can't wait to get at the
real stuff".


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