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Subject: "Health food store" malted barley syrup ok?
Date: 1989-11-28 19:42:16 GMT


Whilst browsing through a 'health food' store in Portsmouth, NH this past
weekend, I noticed that they had a large (5 gallon, maybe) plastic bucket of
"100% malted barley syrup". They sell this for $1.55/pound, if you provide
your own container. That works out to be about half the price of most
commercially-packaged-for-brewing malt extracts.

I'm going to try a brew made with the stuff, but figured I would solicit
comments or advice from you folks first. Because it is being sold in a health
food store and is labeled "100%", I have to guess that it isn't adulterated
with corn syrup.

I may try using 6-7 pounds in a 5 gallon recipe, or maybe a 50/50 mix with DME
(but there goes half of the price discount).

Any guesses as to whether this is a hair-brained idea, or a good one?

Now the real reason I'm posting: Due to my work station taking a Thanksgiving
holiday, I missed Homebrew #s 306 - 310. Would some kind soul mail those to
me please?

Cheers 'n such,


| Dan Hall | Email: |
| d|i|g|i|t|a|l | -or- |
| Merrimack, NH | -or- ...!decwrl!!hall |

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