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From: (Avoid the XMas rush - Get depressed now)
Subject: Barley Wine Yeast? and Celebration Ale
Date: 1989-11-29 15:13:07 GMT

Well, sad news from Texas, but first a request -- I plan to start some
Barley Wine and I have been getting mixed signals about what yeast to use.
Some say that ordinary yeasts cannot survive the high-alcohol content of
a Barley Wine. What yeasts you people use? Ordinary ale yeast?
Champagne yeast? Has anyone tried a mixture of ale and champagne yeast?

The bad news is that the local distributors have decided not to order any
Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale this winter. In fact, the only place in
Texas it is available is in Houston, and they only have 140 cases.
What a sad state of affairs.

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