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From: ferguson%X102C@HARRIS-ATD.COM (ferguson ct 71078)
Subject: Re: glass vs. plastic carboys
Date: 1989-11-29 15:50:21 GMT

kipps@etoile.ICS.UCI.EDU writes...
>I started brewing just this summer and went to the local brew shop to get
>setup. At the time, they had lots of glass water bottles and food-grade
>buckets. I asked about plastic water bottles and was told that the
>plastic wasn't food-grade and would leave on off taste to the beer. I
>ended up buying a 5 gallon glass carboy for $9.
... stuff about homebrew shop deleted...
>Now, about glass vs. plastic: I'm a bit of a snob; I prefer glass. About
>the expense: I've discovered a good spot for homebrew equipment at great
>prices. Several of the local community colleges hold weekend swap meets.
>I once found a guy selling 6-1/2 gallon glass carboys in foam cases for
>$5, and another selling a case of 20 Grolsch (sp?) bottles for $5.
>There's always several people selling 5 gallon carboys (also for $5).
>Cappers, boiling pots, kegs, and grist mils show up sometimes, as well.

I got my glass carboys from the office where I worked. The deposit
for a glass carboy with a nice heavy cardboard carrying box was $6.00.
I liberated four bottles and boxes and paid our secretary the deposit
who then paid the water delivery person. This was in Minneapolis and
the price is probably representative of other locations. I called the
water company at the time and although they weren't willing to sell me
bottles they would sell me a full bottle of spring water for about
$8.00 or $10.00 (don't remember exactly but it was CHEAP!) deposit

If you are having trouble finding inexpensive glass carboys, I urge
you to call your local water supply company -- you may be surprised by
the prices.

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