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From: Crawford.WBST129@Xerox.COM
Subject: Lauter-Tun advice
Date: 1989-11-29 18:39:18 GMT

I haven't had very good luck with my lauter-tun and would like to know if
anyone has any ideas for a better lauter-tun than what I'm using, or maybe
it's my technique and not the hardware that is the problem. In any case
my degree of extract has been very bad (less than 70%).

I am using two plastic buckets, one inside the other, with the bottom of the
inside bucket full of holes and a spout added to the outside bucket. I fill
the buckets with 170 degree water until the level is above the bottom of the
inner bucket and then add my grain. As I start drawing off the liquid I
recycle it to the top of the tun until it runs clear. I never let the level
of the liquid fall below the level of the grain. When I've collected about
5 gallons or so (for a five gallon batch) I stop the flow. I don't let the
tun run dry. Am I losing too much extract in the false bottom my not letting
the tun run dry? Or is my spout too far up from the bottom of the outside

Any advice for improving my hardware or technique would be appreciated.


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