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From: Mike Fertsch <>
Subject: Brewer's Yeast
Date: 1989-11-30 14:00:00 GMT

Jim Broglio (microsoft! asks about yeasts:

> With all the different varieties of yeast available, German, British, etc
> how do I know where to start and what will go best with whatever??

For style lagers, use lager yeast. I prefer Wyeast liquid yeasts. Their
pilsener (#2007) ferments dry and is good for pilsener style beers. Wyeast
bavarian (#2208??) in non-attenutative - it is good for sweeter styles like
Oktoberfests and bock beers. I know of no real good dry lager yeast,
although I have used Whitbread LAGER yeast with good success.

For ales, use ale yeast. Again, my favorite is Wyeast. Their American ale
(#1056) is Sierra Nevada. Need I say more? I've had bad luck with Red
Star, but Edme has worked for me.

> I was reading a Vegitarian Mag the other day, an article touting the
> wonderful benefits of Brewers yeast in your diet. The article mentioned a
> brewers yeast available at health food stores which is cultured without the
> characteristic malts and grains and thus tastes "Good". I think that I will
> have to track some of this down and do a side by side comparison brew.

I read somewhere that "Brewer's Yeast", available from health food stores
is DEAD. It is apparently killed when drying it. Even dead, it has lots
of vitamins and minerals. Good luck fermenting!

The recent special issue of Zymurgy is all about Yeast. There is lots of
good information in it.

Mike Fertsch

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