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From: polstra!norm@hplabs.HP.COM (Norm Hardy)
Subject: Brewpubs
Date: 1989-12-01 03:42:33 GMT

The list of N.American brewpubs (#169) was great. I thought I might add a
comment or two about two in Seattle, WA.
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Pacific Brewing Co. - located in Pioneer Square, the "old-town" of Seattle, this
class H restaurant is owned and operated by the same people who started
Manhattten Brewing and Commonwealth Brewing in Boston. Richard Wrigley is the
owner. Pacific Brewing Co. produces 6 ales, all served on tap. Each comes in
its own distinct glass, sized from 10 oz to 15 oz. The prices are $2.75 each.
The beer is not very distinctive, and in many cases, the beer is "off". A
regular order of fish-and-chips costs $9.50. No wonder business has not been
booming there.
Our brewing club, the Brews Brothers, toured there this week and found Mr.
Wrigley to be very informative. This is the first brew-pub we have toured that
has not offered any samples. We had only 9 people there.
- ------------------------------------------
Big Time Brewery - consistently makes quality beers. Their every Friday opening
of a Cask-conditioned beer is a popular event. Brewer Ed Tringali is doing a
top-notch job. The prices are good: $1.75 a pint, and $2.25 a pint for the
specialty beers. Quality control is high.
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