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From: Martin A. Lodahl <pbmoss!mal@hplabs.HP.COM>
Subject: Porter, Perhaps?
Date: 1989-12-01 16:54:19 GMT

In HOMEBREW Digest #314, Toufic Boubez observes:
" ... For my next batch, I'm looking for a certain
flavour, taste, texture, ...
Dark beer, not bitter, but kinda sweet (not too sweet), smooth,
creamy with a strong head. Sort-of between Tartan and Guinness
draft ..."

A porter, perhaps? May I suggest:

Martin's PORTER

Being a recipe for porter in the traditional English style, almost.


3 lbs 2-row pale lager malt
10 oz black patent malt
8 oz wheat malt
4 lbs Scottish light malt extract
12 AAU Northern Brewer hops (bittering)
1 oz Fuggles hops (finishing)
3 tsp yeast energizer
Edme ale yeast
1 tsp gelatin (finings)
0.5 cup corn sugar (priming)


Mash-In: 3 min in 6 qts water @ 122F (strike heat: 126F)
Mash pH: 5.0-5.5
Protein Rest: 30 min @ 131F
Starch Conversion: 60 min @ 150-141F (longer is better)
Mash-Out: 5 min @ 168F
Sparge: 2 gal @ 168-160F
Boil: 60 minutes. Add extract, energizer,
and bittering hops at start. Add finishing
hops 10 minutes before the end. Force-cool
and bring volume to 5 gallons. Pitch.

If the result doesn't have enough "body", you might try substituting
unmalted barley for the wheat malt, and extend the starch conversion
rest to 2 hours. Since you specify "not bitter", you'll also want
to cut the bittering hops back to 8 AAU or so.

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