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From: rogerl@Think.COM
Subject: sugar usage survey time!!!
Date: 1989-01-12 13:31:29 GMT

> >OK, I've seen this statement so many times now, and I still have never
> >heard of it actually happening. Has this ever happened to anybody?
> >...please speak now or forever hold your peace.

IF I do add sugar it is *ALWAYS* with the boil. And have never had a
'cidery' taste problem. As has been mentioned in other posting, I tend
toward all malt or use honey as another source fo fermentable sugar.
But the times I have used sugar I have had no problems.

On the other hand a friend who uses sugar in his brews use to add
sugar without boiling it and *DID* get the old 'cidery' flavor. Since
then he has started boiling his sugar and the phenomenon has not

The only difference appears to be in the length of time needed for
conditioning. This change in conditioning time might have been
related to the particular brew that was made, our scientific
procedures weren't impeccable. But never the less, it seemed to us
that the brew took longer to condition properly.

That's what I've experienced.
Roger Locniskar

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