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From: "FEINSTEIN" <>
Subject: Denver trip
Date: 1989-12-01 21:45:00 GMT

Hello, everyone!

I've returned from my Denver vacation, and should like to share some thoughts
on some of the brews I got to drink there.

First, another round of thanks to those who sent me info on the Denver area;
it certainly came in handy! I got to the Old Chicago (Paulaner Salvator on
tap!! HEAVEN!!), the Boulder Brewing Company (see below), and to Liquormart
(overwhelming!), but not to the Wynkoop. But then, that leaves something for
next time! :-)

It was my joy to finally get my hands on some Old Peculier, which I enjoyed
enormously. And also some Sierra Nevada brand brews, as well as Sam Adams
lagar (very good!).

In Denver it was of course no problem to get my hands on a six-pack of Coor's
Winterfest beer, their special holiday brew. To my mind, it's far and away
the best Coors product I've ever encountered. A lager, Winterfest had
considerably more body and taste than other Coors brews. It also struck me as
more highly hopped, especially as regards finishing hops. Overall, it had a
really crisp taste, and a nice finish that didn't linger overlong. Winterfest
went *very* well with meals.

My trip to the Boulder Brewing Co. was a bit of a mixed bag. Unbeknownest to
my friend and myself, during the winter there is only one tour a day, at 11
AM. So, touring the brewery was out. But, the tasting room was both open,
and deserted-- our good fortune, because it really gave us to chat with a few
people who work there (and who were extremely nice, and helpful, even giving
us directions to Liquormart).

Which led to our *real* stroke of luck: we got our hands on a brand-new
Boulder product, not yet really on the market; their new stout! They opened
some for us to taste, commenting that they had recently changed to new
bottles, and their filling machines had been bottling the new stout during the
adjustment period. As a result, they had lots of over- and underfilled
bottles. Thus, we were able to buy a six-pack for $3.00!

The stout itself is totally unlike any other that I, personally, have ever
encountered. It seemed slightly lighter on the traditional "burnt" flavor
from Black Patent; instead it was literally the "nuttiest" beer I've ever
tasted. And I don't just mean "nutty"-- I mean it was ***!!!NUTTY!!!***
There is honestly no other word I can think of to use! My companion had
precisely the same reaction. Also, the stout was very well hopped. Overall,
I found it very different, and thoroughly enjoyable. However, I feel I should
also say that I'm very certain that it will not be to everyone's taste.

Other highlights: Lindeman's Lambic Kriek and Framboise. While I enjoyed
both, the Kriek had a really wierd finish to it. I think that this was partly
due to the "sour" side of the sour cherries used, but mostly due to the wild
yeast; it was that kind of taste. The Framboise was sheer heaven!

I had one other stroke of good fortune: I was able to get some Chimay Grande
Reserve (i.e., "White Label") Trappist ale! I have wanted to taste this stuff
for *years!* And it didn't disappoint me in the least! Absolutely the
richest ale I've ever tasted, and one of the most complex in character. It's
strong finish makes it an excellent dessert beer-- in that I concur with
Michael Jackson.

As can no doubt be discerned, I tippled my way through an excellent vacation!
And, in case anyone is wondering: the weather was absolutely gorgeous, and
*warm*! It didn't turn cold until last Saturday, and there was no snow (even
in the high country) until Sunday.

My thanks again to those who advised me!

Yours in Carbonation,

Cher Feinstein
Univ. of Fla.
Gainesville, FL


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