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From: roberts%studguppy@LANL.GOV (Doug Roberts @ Los Alamos National Laboratory)
Subject: Some successes, a failure.
Date: 1989-12-05 17:54:50 GMT

Just thought I'd update you all on the last three batches I've made.
One was a moderate success, one a fully-fledged resounding success,
and a contaminated batch that had to be tossed.

The moderate success was the batch made with 6# light unhopped syrup,
1# honey, and the whole hops mailed from Czechoslovakia by relatives
of a Czeck friend of mine. Unfortunately, the hops were not fresh and
had lost most of their charactor. I ended up boiling 1 oz of cascade
pellets and adding the filtered extract to the secondary. The result
was a slightly cloudy (because of the late hop addition), drinkable
lighter beer that goes well with food.

The resounding success was my modified version of Papazain's mash
Silver Dollar Porter recipe that I posted a month or so ago. Not to
sound unduly modest or anything, but this is the best beer I've ever
made, and the best porter I've ever tasted. There is some detectable
level of pride of craftsmanship in my evaluation, but


The failure was a mash batch that somehow got contaminated in the
secondary. It became cloudy and developed a bad off flavor & odor. I
had to toss it.

Tonight, I'm going to make a Holiday Ale from the following recipe:

7 1/2# Klages
1 1/2# Crystal (90)
1/4# Chocolate
1/4# Black Patent
1/2# dextrin power (I don't have any Cara pils at the moment)
1 tsp each of cardomon, cinnamon, and ginger powders
Grated rind of four oranges
1 1/2 oz Chinook - Boil
1 oz Willamette - Finishing
14 Grams of dry Whitbread yeast which I'll rehydrate first.

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