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From: hpfcla!hpcea!hplabs!utah-cs!iwtsf!korz (Algis R Korzonas +1 312 979 8583)
Subject: chilling for sedimentation
Date: 1989-01-12 17:12:33 GMT

Rob recently suggested chilling the fermenter for 12-24 hours
before bottling to cause much of the yeast to sediment in
the fermenter instead of the bottles. I have read about
this procedure before, but I still haven't tried it. My
question to Rob, and to anyone else out there who has
tried something like this, is: does this procedure affect
carbonation? Also, does this it change the way that the
beer conditions (taste, etc.)? I know that only a very small
amount is needed, but I'd like to get as much info as I can
before I try it.

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