From the HBD Archive
From: Andy Wilcox <>
Subject: BlackBerry Stout
Date: 1989-12-06 22:16:50 GMT

> From: John Simpson <>
> Subject: Not worrying, just curious...
> What kind of luck have people had with Papazian's Stout
> recipes? Esp. Toad Spit Stout and the one (name?) that's
> supposed to be like Sheaf's.

I believe Toad Spit Stout is supposed to tast like Guiness, less the
sour aftertast. At anyrate... Try this recipe, the "best I've ever

Follow the Toad Spit Stout recipe, more or less (substitute dark malt
and hops when locality necessitates)

At the end of the boil, remove from heat, add 5 # of crushed
(or frozen and thawed) blackberries.

Let the wort sit for 20 minutes.

Cool and proceed as usual. This is one of the rare brews that I use a
secondary fermenter for. Typically, I get about 5-8 inches of goop in
the bottom of my carbuoy during the primary fermentation! But, this
is no reason to worry, as this is a *damn* good beer. It ages
quickly, and (IMO) declines with age > 4 months. So drink it quick.
My beer drinking friends can smell this beer come of age... Getting
rid of it is no problem.

Andy Wilcox

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