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Subject: Re: Stuck Edme yeast
Date: 1989-12-06 17:10:06 GMT

Marty Albini, in #317 sez:

> I seem to be having very bad luck with Edme ale yeast. A few
> weeks ago I had a fermentation get stuck, and had to repitch to get it
> going again. Well, it's happened again, only this time repitching
> didn't even work.

> My only guess so far is that the temperature in the closet I
> brew in may have dropped into the low 60s at night, and this seems to
> knock the yeast out at least semi-permanently. Does anyone know if
> Edme normally behaves this way? Is there a threshold termperature at
> which it konks out? Could it be some thing else (pH, nuetrino density,
> the political climate)?

Yes, it's the political climate. I've said for years it's the
Republicans what don' let my brew ferment out.

I'd suspect the temperature. This happened to me also using Edme and
Wyeast's Irish ale yeast just after winter came to central Oregon a few
weeks ago.

Try moving the brew to a more warm location. It worked for me.


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