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From: (Wayne Allen)
Subject: Stuck Fermentation and Bottle cleaning
Date: 1989-12-07 17:13:40 GMT

Martin Lodahl suggested that Marty Albini's stuck fermentation was due
to exclusive use of extract, and that the solution is to add yeast
nutrients. My understanding is that extract has all the minerals,
etc. of the original wort used to make the extract. I suggest that
Marty's 10 lbs of extract creates a rather high-alcohol environment
which could shut down some strains (different yeast strains have
varying tolerance to this). I've done good all-extract brews of ~10 lb
with Muntona (sp) and Red-star (maybe I'm just lucky?). If in doubt,
add champagne yeast after initial ferment. Temperature changes, too,
can freak out the little buggers.

I found a labor-saving way of washing bottles which need
brush-scrubbing (if only for peace of mind). Clip the end off your
bottle brush and stick the stem in the chuck of your favorite power
drill (make sure you leave enough stem to put the brush to the bottom
of a bottle while in the chuck). Put a case of bottles on the floor,
and spray a shot of cleaner in each one (409 works great). Then,
insert the brush in each bottle, and zing until you're no longer
worried. I use a bottle sprayer to rinse and the high-temp dish washer
to finish off my anxieties.
W | Wayne Allen,
| MCC/CAD, 3500 West Balcones Center Dr., Austin, Tx 78759
| "You actually DRINK that???!!" - my mom

(ps. what is cordomon?)

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