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From: roberts%studguppy@LANL.GOV (Doug Roberts @ Los Alamos National Laboratory)
Subject: There's something in there driving them crazy
Date: 1989-12-07 17:17:39 GMT

The yeasties, of coarse. I heard my wife shout from the kitchen this
morning, "There's beer EVERYWHERE!" My holiday ale, which I'd pitched
the evening of the 5th had blown the lid off the primary. This is one
of those heavy-duty food-grade white plastic primary buckets with a
heavy-duty snap-on plastic lid. You have to push fairly hard to get it
on. You also, obviously, have to push fairly hard to get it off. There
_was_ beer everywhere, mostly the foamy cap stuff. Apparently, the
head rose higher than it ever has before, filling and completely
clogging the air lock. I've had the head overflow into the airlock
before, but never like this. I performed an emergency transfer to a
secondary and connected a blow-off hose instead of another air lock. I
have never seen such an active fermentation as this batch is
exhibiting: it is really blowing.

I sure hope it didn't get contaminated: the blow-off beer is
delicious. I may be lucky, as the explosion appears to have occured
only about an hour before we discovered it.

- --Doug
Douglas Roberts |
Los Alamos National Laboratory |I can resist anything
Box 1663, MS F-602 | except temptation.
Los Alamos, New Mexico 87545 | ...
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