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From: (Alan Duester)
Subject: Sam Adams' Winter Lager
Date: 1989-12-08 03:14:48 GMT

Tonight I bought a case of the just-released Sam Adams Winter Lager.
Nice beer, clean & crisp with more hopping overall, (both bitter
and flower), and a slight aftertaste that lingers around the back edges
of the tongue. Since I'm snarfing down Sushi crackers at the same time,
maybe they have something to do with that aftertaste...

Not incredibly different than the regular Adams brew, but don't expect
the malty richness that was present in the Double Bock they released
this past spring. Slightly more carbonation than the normal brew.

I'm not very good at describing beer flavors, but I think it's safe to
say that if you like the regular and want more hops, you won't go wrong
buying a case of this.

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