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Subject: Sorry about yesterdays message, this is the right maple syrup stout
Date: 1989-12-07 16:37:00 GMT

Sorry folks!!! I sent the Maple Syrup Stout message yesterday! It was
a combination of messages that I had filed away, and accidently sent
instead of the whole recipe and short explainations. Sorry!!! This is
what I meant to send!

Following is a recipe for a Maple Syrup Stout.

Jim Kipps is the originator, from an oct. 6, 1989 posting.
( THANX JIM!!!!! :-))

6 lbs. Australian Dark Extract (syrup)
1.5 oz. boiling hops (bullion)
12 oz. Maple Syrup
3/4 cup corn sugar (priming)

I used six ounces of maple syrup for the boil. I added the other six
ounces for the last five minutes of the boil, kinda like an "aromatic".
Total boil time was one hour.

I bottled on nov. 8, and just got back from Hawaii, so my first taste
was after about four weeks in the bottle.

This is a VERY good beer. I don't typically drink stouts, but I really
like this one. I have only tried drinking three stouts before. I absolutely
didn't like "Guinness Stout", but I do like "Youngs Oatmeal Stout" and
"Rubicon Stout"(Rubicon Brewery in Sacramento,Ca.). I think the Maple
Syrup Stout is better than the forementioned stouts.

It is very smooth going down, and has sweet but mellow maple flavored
aftertaste. Thats not a very good description for a beer that tastes as
great as this does, but I have a hard time describing what I'm tasting!
I will very definetely brew this again, and quite soon too!

I'd like to thank Jim again for the recipe, and for some off the net
assistance with getting the recipe right. Thanks Jim!!!

Robert Nielsen

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