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From: rutgers!!keng@hplabs.HP.COM (Ken Giles @ Context)
Subject: Re: Orlando (FL) brewpubs
Date: 1989-12-08 17:30:42 GMT

Mark R. Leone asks:

"Are there any brewpubs or microbreweries of note in the Orlando area?"

Yes, there is a brewpub in Winter Park. It has been open about a year and a
half, now. I don't remember its name but I remember it being something as simple
as "Winter Park Brewing" or "The Orlando Brewery" or somesuch. When I last drank
there, (about a year ago), they had two lagers which were very good but also
fairly indestinctive. That is, indestinctive in the microbrew sense. They're
definitely way ahead of the drab American Pislners that the industrial giants
spew out. Also, at that time, the brewpub was just ramping up production and was
rapidly selling out every batch.

This summer, my friend (who lives close to the brewpub) reported that the place
was constantly filled with yuppies, drinking Bud Lite, and crowding out the
true beer enthusiasts. He talked with the brewer who said that they now sell
more domestic beer than their own. Apparently the place has become some kind
of trendy hangout. If the leads to believe the place is big on atmosphere,
forget it. It's really sparse (or was). Of course, that's a form of atmosphere
itself, I suppose. Anyway, don't let this stop you from trying their beers.

If you want directions for getting there, send me email.

P.S. Thanks to Mike Fertsch for the terminology definitions.


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