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Subject: Sweet cider.
Date: 1988-11-04 03:08:44 GMT

> > In answer to your question of how to make sweet cider. We tried the obvious
> > let it ferment out then sweeten it to taste with table or corn sugar. I
> > would also think that chilling it to knock out the yeast at the desired
> > gravity and then racking off the sedimented yeast would have a similar
> > effect. I believe champagne yeast is fairly temperature sensitive so
> > I think this should work. Good Luck!

You say that you have tried adding sugar to cider. Was this at bottling
or drinking time? I thought that cooling yeast slowed it down but did
not stop it. Several breweries (Mackeson for one) add sweeteners
just before bottling, but they pasteurize the beer first. This means,
of course, that bottle conditioning is impossible. One incredibly
laborious method would be to let the fermentation complete. Carefully
heat the cider to kill the yeast (boiling is not necessary). Add any
amount of your favorite sweetener. Lastly, add a carefully weighed
chunk of dry ice to each bottle before capping. No, I haven't tried
this and don't really intend to. Using dry ice to carbonate seems
fraught with peril. And besides, it hardly follows the spirit home
brewing. But I don't see how adding sugar to anything with live yeast
could lead to anything other than forty eight little time bombs.

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