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From: rdg@hpfcmi
Subject: Sake Information
Date: 1989-01-12 23:06:31 GMT

OK, I've got it. For an in-depth description of brewing Sake, you
should read the article "Sake--Japanese Rice Wine" by Fred Eckhardt,
which appears in "Best of Beer and Brewing, Volumes 1-5", ISBN
09-37381-05-5. It is available from the AHA for $15.95 and its catalog
number is #413. The AHA's order number is 303-447-0816. It is also
available from Great Fermentations for $18.95 (800-544-1867). The
book contains a bunch of other interesting articles by prominent
brewing authors.

The Sake article itself discusses Koji production, yeast starter,
fermentation, pressure & aging, history, recipes, equipment and
materials lists, serving tips, preparation of rice, yeast mash,
bottling & finishing, etc, etc. I repeat, the article is very
detailed, and even tells you where to get Koji if you can't find it
locally. After reading this article, I can't imagine anyone trying
to make sake with just the information that has appeared in the
homebrew digest.

I might be persuaded to violate copyright laws and xerox the article
if somebody asks me when I'm in a good mood :-)


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